With the advent of “Social Media” comes the risks attached to it. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram…The list goes on…. And then everyday we see posts warning us that our posts can be misused, we can be blackmailed, manipulated and yet there is this urge of posting the pic of our Saturday night dinner, and tagging our family or friends. 

Well I don’t blame you because I have the same habit. 

And perhaps there is an ex-friend, some jealous relatives, some lowlife colleagues or just the guy who packs your grocery at the corner store, simply anyone who may or may not be on your friends or followers list, who just make it a point to visit your profile, see your posts and simply know whats happening in your life. 

Stalkers come in all shapes and sizes. You may know them or may not. You may have met them or you might have not. You may know you’re being stalked and you may not. 

Just yesterday while browsing for some DIY ideas, I came across some images that are just so amazingly hilarious that it felt like these are the sounds that I often hear in my mind.

Here are ten that I thought summed it up immaculately or personally hit the right cords;P

1. What a tribute-Love this one!!


2. Low life or no life?


3. Lose some pounds baby; you’d feel better!


4. Ha ha ha ha ha….


5. But yes I am the centre of the world eh…


6. Yes? Yes!


7. Ooooo


8. My business is not YOUR business


9. Be careful!


10. A big one!!


So next time you are posting something online, remember to caption it “STALKING IS INJURIOUS FOR HEALTH”

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