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10 pins that make STALKING so funny

With the advent of “Social Media” comes the risks attached to it. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram…The list goes on…. And then everyday we see posts warning us that our posts can be misused, we can be blackmailed, manipulated and yet there is this urge of posting the pic of our Saturday night dinner, and tagging our family or friends. 

Well I don’t

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15 relatives we all love /hate

Well yes I was born in a Desi household, amidst hordes of relatives. We lived in a joint family system. My mother had 9 siblings and my father had 10- Yes I know but they say they did not have TV in those times, hence no other entertainment- If you know what I mean!

Only my uncle and paternal grandparents lived with us, but then there was a never ending party at home

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