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Sep 16th when I stepped out of that banquet hall, I was happy and so were number 1 and number 2. We were all smiles because we had had fun.

The next day was a rainy and soggy and unexpectedly warm one. We planned to go out to see the dentist for a routine visit and then number 2 asked me if she can have a hair cut.

We went to the store and there was some promotion going on and I myself and both of

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Same old me, same old

I wish there was a place in this world, a place bigger than Harrods or Harvey Nichols or Saks Fifth Avenue. A place where, things were available based on their worth, not the price attributed to it. A place where people could exchange emotions, I would have given my self in exchange of one last glimpse

If only though, if only wishes were horses, beggars like myself would fly high.

Its not what I

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Not in my Faith either

Number 1 came to me this evening to get her agenda signed. About to finish doing dishes, I asked her what was written there. And she replied ” Religious- Festival-Hannukkah-Month-Menorah-”

And I suddenly felt overwhelmed; overwhelmed with happiness as I myself always have had a passion to learn about other religions, to study history. overwhelmed with satisfaction that most likely, my

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Pakistan-A loved dilemma

It feels like its been ages since I’m living in Canada. I love and admire this country that has embraced me with open arms and warmth. Yet I hear the word Pakistan and my heartbeat fastens and the adrenaline gushes in my veins. After all its Pakistan we’re talking about. 

The resilient and most incredible nation in the world, that has been seeing blood, terror and dead bodies of

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Oh Karachi!

Image Courtesy: Express Tribune

They say a picture speaks a thousand words..

But this one right here left me speechless…..

I live in Canada. And the moment I say “Canada”, snow and cold is the first word that comes to mind. We have extreme temperatures here about 9 months a year and even in those three months that we call summer, weather is never reliable. We dance when the weather

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