God created angels…. This universe, the galaxy, the sun, the planets, the moons, stars… He then moved on to creating this world, the mountains, the oceans , the rivers, the animals, the birds…. All the objects, all the creations worshipped and praised God but still something was missing…. And then Man was created…. He was given the key of this world and was sent here… What was so different between the Man and the rest of God’s creation? One little thing that made Man different from all the rest was that Man could communicate….

Still that was not enough…. So God sent messengers and Prophets….. And just to reflect on the need of communication, he sent with them books that are gates to knowledge and to almost everything that was and is part of this universe.


Suppose you are a layman, whose first language is English and for some reason, by some chance, for work, pleasure, for studies, you land in a remote Chinese village, and you need a spoon and unfortunately there’s not even a single person who knows the E of English-What are you going to do? Wait a minute; you can just show them a picture of a spoon and they’d understand because communication is not, is not just limited to words. Its a universal phenomenon!

We are always communicating-Words being the least significant of all of it. What we see or what others see in us is a visual form of communication, just like the spoon in China. And at times its only a touch, a warm hug, a newborn’s first cry that says it all. Watching “Breaking Bad” and just when Walter is about to jump off the cliff, there is a break and we see a series of commercials- That is communication at its best, advertising, touching all our visual, audio, kinaesthetic modalities in one rhythm. In a nutshell, communication is a product of our thoughts, actions and feelings working together.

How the person or object at the receiving end conceives or perceives our stimuli is relative. When a child cries out loud asking for another candy, in his mind he is trying to communicate his right to have the best available thing in the whole word, while the mother, in her own mind, denying that right, is doing a favor by not compromising over her child’s well being. A husband, miles away from home, abruptly ends the conversation with a good night text, in his mind he is showing his anger, while for the wife he is trying to deny her of her right to argue and ask. When a student slams the door, he is actually embarrassed of being picked so randomly of a bunch of mischievous pupils, while the teacher can not see the most brilliant student wasting his intelligence.

Its all communication; and its all relative and its all that we do-whether its vague or clear, whether its loud or not, whether it is active or passive, through words, actions, signs, through I love yous and I miss yous, through touches, hugs and kisses, through tears and laughters, through colours, fragrances, numbers; through attitudes, behaviours and through silence.

And what happens when there is no communication? Nothing, just a vaccum…. Because ONLY dead people do not communicate!



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