When a baby is born, there are multiple milestones that health care providers and parents look and wait for. When they start to move their head, when they start to raise their arms, when they start to roll over, when they start to crawl, when they’d develop pincer grasp. 

Now this pincer grasp is what is stuck in my head for last two days. Between 8 and 12 months, babies develop a pincer grasp, which means they’ll be able to pick up smaller objects (like pieces of food) between their thumb and forefinger. 

Coming back to my silly little mind, I’d been thinking about this for a while now. When number 1 asked me if she can get a hover-board for her birthday instead of roller skates, or perhaps when I see people drawing insects and worms instead of letters and words on the paper in front of me, but most recently when I went to Square One the other day and had to get a mall stroller for number 3. They used to have cute little fire-truck kind of strollers for babies, with a little plastic steering wheel to turn around and children would be busy playing with it.

Thanks to technology and modernity, since everything else has changed, so did the strollers. To surprise me, these baby strollers now come equipped with little screens to keep these little minds busy with just the swipe of a finger. 15631153_10157978466345296_142014911_o

And I thought, our children have stopped walking because there are hover-boards, they are not talking because there is texting and Facebook and Class Dojo; they are not learning to write better or lets say to write at all because the homework is now online, swipe of the finger remember, and we do not focus on our babies developing pincer grasp because tablets have replaced the toys that used to help our children develop fine and gross motor skills.

Welcome to producing heaps of flesh and bones and blood that are slaves of technology. Welcome to robots who can need calculator to do 2 plus 2. Welcome to more sickness and more diseases because of physical inactivity. Welcome to socially challenged children since cyber hangouts are more lit for 12 year olds than physical meet ups. Welcome to the new age!

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